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Kota Kinabalu Florist


Fresh flower delivery service based in KK, Sabah.

Started the website in May 2018, this flower delivery service offers fresh flower bouquets for occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, and celebration events like Valentine’s Day and Mothers Day.

The project started by selling only ONE type of flower, and advertised entirely through Google Ads (Pay per click).

Targeted only at local target market (Kota Kinabalu).

The campaign brought in excellent return on investment in first few months so they proceed with search engine optimisation (SEO) so they appear as organic ranking in Google.


How the objectives were achieved

The client has 2 children to take care of. Having an automated selling machine is the best option for her.

So, having a website that receives online payments and sales sequence for flower orders is crucial. Having a e-commerce function is additional bonus.

key results

The business is currently making 5 figure every month and the client is extremely happy with the outcome.

This project is a success mainly because client is willing to invest time and money together with our team, in setting up a solid infrastructure and marketing funnels. 

Also the client takes our suggestions seriously by putting in the effort, making sure it’s executed properly.

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