How One Carpet Wholesaler Improved Retail Store Walk-Ins by 324% With Digital Marketing

This is a case study of how a traditional retail store is able to grow their business efficiently with the help of proper digital marketing strategies. Who says local stores are not able to benefit from online marketing?

Client Profile

Company: Kosy Furnishing Sdn. Bhd.
Niche: Home & Decorations
Site size: 70+ pages
Type: Company Profile

PAIN: client unable to appear on the first page of Google
PROBLEM: website not found in Google

Mr Lam has been in the home furnishing industry for over 30 years. One of the largest stockists of carpet in Kota Kinabalu, his company also carries wallpapers, window blinds, curtains, rugs, vinyl tiles and more. His company, Kosy, also comes with carpet installation & cleaning services too.

Kosy official website: Created by other agencies, but further improved by us.

We met through BNI. He approached me to do an audit on his website and general online presence.

Below are our recommendations for his company website.

1- Create Google Pay Per Click campaign


Problem: “I am one of the largest and most established carpet suppliers in Kota Kinabalu, but I am not appearing on Google search results!”

Solution: We created Google pay per click (PPC) campaign to solve this immediate problem. We only targeted highly relevant keywords like “buy carpet Kota Kinabalu”.

The client allocated daily budget for on-going advertisement fees on Google Adwords, the reason being “is much cheaper than advertising on local newspaper”, and their website has more visitors coming in.

2- Fix Google My Business listing

Kosy – Google My Business listing

Problem: “My business is not appearing in the Google Map Pack!”

Solution: We accessed the client’s Google business listing and do some proper optimisations, make sure all information is up to date and relevant. Also, remove/replaced old information and photos.

We submitted business details to over 20+ local business directories, to make sure all NAP (name, address, phone) are consistent among all web properties. This builds trust quickly and the client started to see results on the organic search result. However, this process will take 2-3 months for Google to show any result.

Generally, this process takes 2-3 months to show the result.

3- Improve ON-page SEO

Problem: Website is not SEO optimised

The website is ranking on the second page for their main keyword, however, it’s ranking for the wrong page and this is a big no-no. The homepage is not ranking entirely too!

Solution: We identified all major “leaks” and fixed it accordingly. Biggest problems are the current website do not have relevant and fresh content, missing meta, wrong page title, H1’s and URL structure, and silo-ing.

We publish highly relevant local content on the main page and fixed everything.

We also upgraded the design and layout of the home page – having visitors stay longer and browse around the website. This signals positive engagements from the website, and Google loves that.

We make sure all the information is no more than 3 clicks away.

What bummed us the most is the entire website did not even have their brand name mentioned even once (oh no!)

Also added more fresh and relevant content throughout entire pages too.

4- Work On Off-page SEO

Problem: Not ranking high enough

Solution: Bring in the link juice!

The client has been putting a lot of effort in growing the content of the website, currently having massive 80 pages of content published!

More incoming links = higher ranking

Unfortunately, no one was linking to their website, hence the low ranking in SEO – they are leaving money on the table just because of visitors unable to find their services on top Google page!

We rolled up our sleeves and get into real serious work. First, we get some social signals from Facebook, Twitter and Google+, then we slowly build 5-10 links to the home page over 1-2 weeks.

We also submitted their website URL to a few local business directories to build up the citations.

No high domain authority links yet due to the limited budget.



Mr Lam is happy to see his Google Business Ranking jumped from #14 to #3, and it is still climbing up, breaking position #1 soon.


Most importantly, he is getting more sales too!

The website is consistently receiving over 1,000 visitors per month, many of them turned into real customers after reading the company website.

Many new walk-in customers at the shop too,  “how you guys find us?”, most say “Google”.

How you guys find us? most say “Google”  – says Mr Lam.

His website appears on almost every home furnishing related term, all ranking in #1 spot, from the Pay Per Click (Adwords) campaign. Receiving excellent exposures for his home furnishing business.

His home furnishing business website is getting excellent exposures!

Mr Lam estimated from past 3 months work, he has already received over 5 figures deal in total. And many are still in the discussion phase. The most recent one is hotel owner that need carpet for his 102 rooms at Lahad Datu!

Mr Lam’s investment in building an online presence for his company in mere 3 months has already netted him pure profits. And he hopes to build another similar website to capture even more market.

He wanted us to handle his company social media accounts too, which he believes pro-actively seeking for customers is much better than waiting passively.

Daniel Wong

Daniel Wong

Daniel helps local businesses to build websites that rank on Google and turn the websites into lead generation machine. Internet marketer since 2012.

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