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Bingo Digital Marketing is agency that based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

We provide digital marketing services to small-sized businesses, offering everything from website design, optimisation and SEO, to social media and marketing strategy.

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Our proven method in generating more leads online

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… that perfectly showcases your products and services.

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… we run ads to generate qualified traffic to website.​

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… so your business can be found ahead of your competitors.

Sabah Web Design Packages

Large Corporate, Listed Companies and Government agencies: Starting at RM10,000
Our flagship solution includes our proven discovery process, where we dive deep into your business, your customers, and your competition to figure out the very best online strategy for your business. We will then design a fully custom website that best serves that strategy. 

As with all of our web projects, the goal is to website that functions well, looks great, and get as many conversions for your business as possible.

We also provide the important sales messaging and content needed to increase opt-ins, lead generation and client/customer generation on all of your most important pages.

Established businesses, small to medium sized: Starting at RM5000
Suitable to established businesses who already has been in market for few years. We will custom design a website that matches your branding and corporate identity. 

Also, we can propose digital marketing strategy that you can execute to achieve your upcoming 12 months goals.

“I just need a simple website to show my services/company details”: starting at RM500
We have pre-designed website that is suitable for most of the business out there. You only need to submit your company name, and voila! You have a brand new .com website. 

You can customise or implement additional functions anytime.

Hourly Consulting/Strategy Services: RM200 per hour
If you just need a kickstart in the right direction, you can book a strategy session with our head web strategist, Daniel Wong. 

He can answer any questions you have, give advice on your current site, and suggest improvements, as well as digital marketing strategies you should use.

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