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You want business growth. You want revenue growth.

That growth means winning customers over, getting them to be on your side, and that’s not easy – it takes heart, passion, and savvy digital marketing that spreads great news of your business to your potential customers 24/7.

All of that can be so overwhelming to do alone, especially when you’ve got so much to do while running your successful business.

With us, you are not alone.

Our team of digital marketing experts are here to help, guide, and partner with you to achieve your business goals.

Case Study


Fresh Flower Delivery Service based in KK, Sabah

Started the website in May 2018, this flower delivery service offers fresh flower bouquets for occations likes birthdays, anniversaries, and celebration events like Valentine’s and Mothers Day.

The project started by selling only ONE type of flower, and advertised entirely through Google Ads (Pay per click). 

Targeted only at local target market (Kota Kinabalu). 

The campaign brought in excellent return on investment in first few months so they proceed with search engine optimisation (SEO) so they appear as organic ranking in Google.


kota kinabalu florist

We are grateful to be able to make solid income from our passion in flowers - huge credits to Bingo Digital Marketing team for making this real.

Rikol Loo, Kota Kinabalu Florist

The business is currently making 5 figure every month and client is extremely happy with the outcome.

One of the reason this project is a success is also because client are willing to invest time and money together with our team, in setting up a solid infrastructure and marketing funnels. Also they take our suggestions seriously and putting effort in making sure it’s executed properly.

Our Services That Your Business Can Take Advantage Of

  • Website Design
  • Content & Social Media Marketing
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Digital Advertising
  • Online Reputation Monitoring
  • Live Chat Services
  • Chatbots
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Remarketing

Recent Client Case Study

Sutera at Mantanani

by Sutera Harbour Resorts

The Sutera Harbour Resorts group recently acquired this business in 2018 and immediately needed a total digital marketing makeover.

They engaged us with the desire to increase hotel bookings and online exposure.

To address this, our team designed and executed a customised digital marketing system.

Business Nature

Hotel & Resort


Get more online leads for hotel bookings


Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

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Daniel Wong

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Daniel Wong is the founder of Bingo Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency that helps SMEs and local business owners increase their profits from the internet.

Before devoting his work fulltime to Bingo Digital Marketing, Daniel makes a full time living from generating leads for local businesses and profitable niche websites. SEO, Google Adwords and Facebook ads are his main tools of choice.

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