We don’t just build business websites.

We build website that convert readers into customers.

We do not build websites that are pretty but serves no specific purpose.

We build websites so your customers can learn more about your company and your services.

We build websites so people say, “oh! so this is what this company does. I already have a great impression on this company based on their website”

We build websites that get found on the internet

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We help clients produce custom marketing strategy, or roadmap, before creating a website.

Here’s our process:

We sit together and talk about how your new website will serve in your business. I’ll ask specific questions, learn what you want to achieve via your website.

  1. What’s your budget like?
  2. Is your goal realistic?
  3. Is your investment worth the effort and time?

Our clients usually want a website to solve these problems:

  1. No online presence – “We have nothing to show our clients. they want to know more about our company”. You see, company profiles in booklets are outdated. Now everyone has a mobile phone – let them find out about you from the internet.
  2. No idea how a website can help the business – I will go through the techniques in how to get more leads from your website. I will set realistic goals and budget for you to work out. And work out if the numbers bring in profit or loss. It’s a workable system that I’ve been using on multiple clients.
  3. Not knowing where to start from. “We know our business needs a website, but we don’t know where to start from, who to approach, what to expect and most importantly we need someone does to this for us!”. Lucky for you, we are here!
  4. Everyone knows how to build a website, but none of them shows the result. We don’t have to show how good or reliable we are, we let our past clients do all the talking for us.

Whether you are looking for more clients, customers, members or volunteers or investors, that’s our main goal for Bingo Digital Marketing. We build websites that generate genuine leads for your business.

We strive to design “smart” website for you that achieve your goals, a website that actually works, a website that attracts traffic, captures interest and generates more business.

Are You The Right Kind Of Business Owners For Us?

We do not simply work with everyone.


We go through a strict process of qualifying the right customers for us, so we can bring up the best in you.

For example, clients approached us to build websites for their AirBnb properties. We rejected their application because based on statistics, we know the clients will not look for the website for that specific property. Much of the information is available on Airbnb.com. Creating another website in hope of attracting more leads… it just doesn’t work that way.

We work with small and medium-sized businesses, but our best work is done with clients who are trying to make a positive difference in their business.

You will find us passionate about projects where we partner with businesses that believe in making their clients happy and satisfied.

Do You Know What You Actually Want?

Based on our past experiences, our clients want web solutions for their businesses that actually work, and produce a return on their investment.

We deliver by designing effective, appropriate web strategies before building, promoting and maintaining business websites that earn their keep.

Our business websites produce that much-wanted ROI by generating visitor interest and engagement, which in turn leads to more business.

So, How Can We Work At Bingo Digital Marketing?

We are here to offer as much or as little help as our clients need, depending on their time availability, their expertise level and their budget.

We understand that clients need a solution that can grow with their business and is easy to maintain.

We do not believe in building highly technical websites which then lock the owner into expensive support contracts – but we do believe in ongoing maintenance and support.

We believe in building websites that can be updated in minutes and we provide training resources for our clients that empower them to take over much of the responsibility for the future upkeep of their website.

Regular web maintenance is essential if the website we deliver is to meet (and we hope to exceed) client hopes and expectations.

We Do Not Just Build Websites

It’s important to us that our work makes a contribution to our client’s business. For that reason we will not just build a website – we believe that is a waste of client money and our time.

You don’t buy a car without appreciating the need to add fuel, attend to servicing and make repairs. You don’t just want a car, you want to get somewhere.

So it is with websites (!!)

You don’t just want a website, you want more business. You must add fuel (content), attend to servicing (updates), and sometimes make repairs (backups & security).

A Business Website Needs To Be A Part Of The Client Web Marketing Strategy

A stand-alone website will not generate business or produce a return on investment unless it is continually promoted, maintained and updated.

To just build a website and hope traffic will come is a waste of money. This is probably the biggest source of client dissatisfaction in our industry.

A website will not magically change your business – what we do with your website will.

Websites need to contribute to business objectives; they need to be constantly monitored for improvement opportunities and kept updated.

If you are not sure where to start, fearful about the cost of decent web services or simply overwhelmed, I suggest you to grab 10 minutes of our time to clarify your thinking.