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Are you having these issues?

"Customers cannot find my services on the internet"

"Our web designer did not pickup the phone"

"My website is not generating business leads"

Tired of trying to figure out how you can get out of this situation?

You should be focusing on


.... not figuring out how online "thingy" works

Have you ever thought of..


Even if you don't know how these online stuff work at all?

I remember the day I met David at a networking event, he is always hurried; rushing back-to-back for meetings, and feeling guilty of trying to fit too much into her work day.

David had a dream. A dream to successfully handle over the business to his children which he had built up over since 1981.

His vision for the business was to continue remain as the market leader in carpet supply and carpet installation industry in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This would allow his children to take business forward into the digital era more peacefully.

The problem? The company were not able to get found online. No matter how much content David and his team worked – the more effort they put into website and advertisement, the smaller margins they had.

Maybe you can relate?

David did not have time to stop and figure out how this issue could be resolved – he was too caught up in her never-ending day to day work.

He often asks himself, “there must be someone who can solves this problem”

Thankfully, David decided enough was enough. He stopped, and asked herself these questions:

“How can I grow this business without it relying on my own network and existing business relationship, and get fresh-leads from online searches?”

“How can I delegate or automate all those repetitive work?”

*not his real name

Well, Bad News!
Having ONLY Website Alone Is Not Enough.

It is easy to think that “OK we have a website, customers should be coming in soon.”

Unfortunately – it doesn’t work that way. 

Let me explain.

Having a website is like owning a condominium. You have all the infrastructure in place including, water pipes, electric cables and etc. You even have award winning interior designer to help decorate your property.

However, when you realised that the condominium was built in middle of Sahara desert, without connecting roads or convenience store, nor any humans living nearby – Do you think people still want to move into the condominium?

That is exactly what happens to a website too!

Often, web design agencies only build the website for company – but they did not follow up with the more important thing – which is the MARKETING!


"If building website can bring in new customers - why is most business still struggling?"

Largely because of these commonly held myths.


MYTH #1 - Building website is expensive.

You are wrong – building website is at the cheapest rate since the beginning of internet – and it will get cheaper as time goes because of many convenient tools are being offered in market today. Having a website is one of the best investments you can have for your business too – because it helps you generate more business. Website is a liability asset if you know how to make it work for you.

MYTH #2 - I can use website builder like to easily build website now, no need to look for marketing agencies.

Congratulations – you have a right mindset by knowing the importance of having website for your business! Having a website is crucial for generating more businesses from the internet. And you’ve probably attempt to build a website of your own, there’s nothing wrong with that!

However – having a website built by Wix or any 3rd party suppliers are not good enough for you business to rank well on Google search results. And our marketing tactic relies MOSTLY from organic traffic from Google.

MYTH #3 - "No one will search for our services on the internet"

One of our client is an architect, they say “we do not need to appear in Google because no one will search for our services on the internet – even won’t likely to get any searches from Sabah”

We pulled the data from Google, and this is what the data shows…

There are hundreds of search for architect firm in Malaysia – imagine you only getting 10% of the people clicking to your website. that’s almost 100 visits to your site!

And if you provide really good services, you might turn them into customers.

MYTH #4 - "I cannot even send an email - this won't work for me"

Our marketing team strives to achieve full-automation for your company. 

Means, any enquiries generated from your website, you will receive as a email notification, or directly WhatsApp you. 

You do not have to mess with anything regarding to your website at all. Let us handle that for you.

We are happy to debunk any myths, supported by case studies.



Your website is your most important marketing tool, and our team is with you every step of the way to ensure we design a website that you love, and develop a website that functions the way your users want it to.

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"We can help you get more business enquiries on the internet BETTER than newspaper, magazine and radio COMBINED."

Daniel Wong

A little something about myself...

Daniel Wong is the founder of Bingo Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency that helps SMEs and local business owners increase their profits from the internet.

Before devoting his work fulltime to Bingo Digital Marketing, Daniel makes a full time living from generating leads for local businesses and profitable niche websites. SEO, Google Adwords and Facebook ads are his main tools of choice.

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